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Fun Activity

This goes perfectly with the Seasons Cloth! My kids love playing iSpy! Definitely worth getting with the Seasons Cloth!

Ocean Cloth
Love it

Love it! Love the big pictures to color! It will sure be a favorite to break out every Christmas!

ABC Cloth
Great company, awesome product.

Can’t say enough about the quality. The customer service is just as outstanding. Highly recommend! Keep your kiddo busy while you watch football 🤷‍♂️🤔🤣

Amazing Quality

I received this as a gift. I prefer having high quality products in my home my children can grow with. This coloring cloth is just that.. I enjoy laying down and coloring with my son. It is a rich activity to learn about the different seasons, colors, shapes and more. The material is thick and high quality, it feels durable. My son is just learning to hold a marker and attempt to color. The black outline and contrast in this design make is pop out to him and a lot of fun. He is 12 months old and definitely already engaging with this product. I highly recommend this product as a gift or for parents with even very young children. It is washable with washable markers* I love that it folds up into this nice little bag as well. All around great gift that deserved a detailed review. Good luck!

ABC Cloth
I love this

We are all about coloring in this house, and I loved everything about this! We have so many coloring books that get forgotten and take up space. I love how easy this is, and that it can be washed a colored again! The quality is amazing and I absolutely love the drawings! My girls will love this!