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What coloring utensil do you recommend using?We recommend using Crayola’s Ultra-clean Washable Crayons and Markers as they have the best wash out results.


How can I best maintain the quality of my cloth? Great question! These cloths are made of the highest quality of fabric and ink, so as far as washes go, you will not see any diminish in quality for a very long time. We want you and your children to enjoy these amazing products! Treat it as if it's one of your prized possessions. When your children are done coloring, it's best practice to put it immediately in the washer. After, put it away in the pouch. Keep in mind that dirt and other things can stain the cloth, so do your best to keep it in a clean place.


Do you ship out of the United States? Yes, we only ship within the United States and to Canada! However, shipping overseas will definitely be something we will be looking at to make available in the near future.


What happens with an incorrect shipping address? If a package is returned to us due to an incorrect shipping address provided by a customer, the customer will be responsible for the return shipping cost as well as the re-delivery cost. I am not responsible for packages delivered incorrectly or lost due to incorrect shipping information provided by a customer.


Is it machine washable? Yes.


Do the colors come out in one wash? While our coloring cloths are washable, there may be instances where there is a little fade of color on it, after being washed. However, we have tested and proven that these fades will come out after several washes. A lot of this depends on how long the colors are left on the cloth(days, weeks), as well as how good your laundry machine is. Using a little bit of dish soap and/or Spray N Wash, will help eliminate the colors.


How should I wash and dry the cloth? To wash, we recommend using a normal, cold water wash. For best wrinkle-free results, tumble dry for 10 minutes on medium heat, then lay out to air dry.


What are the random stitches with color, on the cloth? This is a great question! According to our manufacture, the colors are a product of the decontamination process that takes place, when they make the fabric! It is totally normal and does not mean your coloring cloth is faulty. In fact, we like to see it as something unique. Our coloring cloths are made with love, and we wouldn't want you to think otherwise!


 Can I iron/steam the cloth? Yes, absolutely!


Where are you located? In Utah, USA!


What is your return policy? We have an amazing return policy! We happily accept uncolored and unwashed cloths within 30 days of purchase. Returns are handled on a case-by-case basis, so please reach out to with any questions.