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The Benefits of Coloring With Us

    • Many children don't know how to express themselves vocally. Coloring is a way for them to communicate how they feel. It's important that as parents/guardians, we pay attention to the colors they use and images they draw, as it is their way of expressing themselves. Along with the specific designs on our cloths, the blank backside of the canvas will provide children more space to express themselves.
    Develops fine motor skills
      • Fine motor skills are the skills you need to manipulate small objects utilizing the tiny muscles of the wrist, hand, and fingers. While there is a little more friction coloring on our cloths than on paper, this will allow for quicker development and strength to these fine motor skills. These skills are crucial for better performance in academics and other activities throughout their developmental stages.
    Escape from constant screen time
      • It's safe to say that we all know what this is, and our thoughts on it. I also think it's safe to say that many of us, as parents, are looking for productive and convenient ways to avoid it. We have the solution! Coloring on our cloths is different than your average coloring paper. It's beautiful, unique and the designs are designed to be intriguing and capture attention. It's also big enough for a group coloring activity, which always makes it more fun and definitely distracting from constant screen time.
      • This benefit separates us from the rest! Many children using coloring books, are at times, hesitant to color something a certain way or with a certain color because they won't get a second or third chance at it. With our washable coloring cloth, they can color it over and over again just how they like it. If they want something to be yellow this time around, and green the next, they can! It eliminates that potential stress of deciding. 
      Promotes creativity
        • Every child has a creative mind. It's the parent's responsibility to provide the proper way for them to tap into it. Children have in mind what they want to create, so hand them a box of crayons and/or markers, and they will create something marvelous! With that being said, don't worry if they aren't coloring perfectly between the lines. Encourage them. Applaud them for their effort. You as the parent can play a role of a teacher and show them what colors mesh well together, what colors are vibrant and stand out, and the kind of strokes they can use to fill the cloth. Going along with the previous bullet point, the backside of the cloth will give children endless opportunities to create! 
        Promotes focus development
          • Coloring helps your children develop their focus, as it requires them to focus coloring within the lines. It's a proven fact that children who color often have better concentration and focus skills. Our designs on our cloths are big and small. This will require children to focus on the different techniques needed to color within the lines (small or big strokes).
          • It's been proven that for some kids, coloring allows them to vent out their emotions, feelings and frustrations.
          • Children learn so much from coloring! It can help them recognize and learn different shapes and forms, patterns, colors, hue and perspectives. 
          • There is a sense of accomplishment that one feels after finishing a coloring page, or in this case, a coloring cloth. It will elevate the levels of their self-esteem and confidence to heights that will impress them and you!