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  • One thing that I love is that it's reusable. I can't tell you the amount of coloring books we've gone through over the years! It's nice to have this on hand that they can use over and over, and when they're done, just wash it and store it nicely! No books to store or big drawing coloring boards that break! This is AMAZING! Even my husband was surprised when I pulled it out of the washer. His words, "Oh wow it really does wash off."
- Gloriana P.


  • We love our Modern Cloth! Even though my baby is not old enough to color on it yet, we use it for a few other reasons! Sometimes we hang it above his crib in the nursery and he loves to look at it. I also love using it for his tummy time! I love that it's light weight and folds up small so I can keep it in my diaper bag. It's perfect for placing on the floor anywhere so he can play on it and not have to play on the dirty ground. Get yourself one today, it's the best! 
- Paige N.


  • This cloth is a super fun change to the regular paper coloring books! I love that it's huge so you can spread it out and really engage with your kids and color with them. It's great for small kid groups too. I also love that it's so versatile that it can be take and pulled out anywhere and everything you need can fit in the pouch it comes with and would easily fit in a diaper bag. It washes and dries super well. Can't for more designs!

- Lauren W.


  • The Modern Cloth is something I think every house with littles, needs. My daughter absolutely loves to create, and with the Modern Cloth the possibilities are countless! I love how she gets to use her imagination over and over again. And once she's done coloring, the fun isn't over! She loves to help me clean the cloth and watch her drawings disappear like magic! I'm always shocked too when the cloth looks brand new again. Bravo, Modern Cloth!

- Amanda S.


  • The Modern Cloth is the perfect thing for kids. It's not just for coloring, but for whatever you want it to be! It creates an environment where everyone can be included, even adults, because of its size. It's also easy to clean and easy to take with you anywhere you go, keeping your kids away from the electronics. I love The Modern Cloth Company!

- Imari S.


  • I bought a cloth for my daughter's birthday and the littles loved it! It kept them entertained, happy and because it was the perfect size, they all enjoyed it together! I highly recommend!

-Monique S.